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    The GS is designed for applications where there is no reliable pressurized mains water supply. The GS uses gravity to filter the water in the upper chamber through the filter candles into the lower chamber where the filtered water is collected. Manufactured from high grade polished stainless steel which offers a durable, lightweight and portable means of filtering drinking water anywhere in the world.

    For use on municipal or natural water sources. Ideal for camping, emergency relief, everyday use. Saves money over expensive bottled water.

    Total Capacity: 4.5 US Gallons (2.5 upper & 2 lower chamber)

    Dimensions: 20" Height x 9" Diameter

    Filters out:

    -Pathogenic bacteria (cholera, typhoid, salmonella, E coli, etc.)

    -Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and other parasites

    -All types of particle contamination down to 0.5 Micron

    Portable, lightweight, durable and high capacity filter. Easy to use, simple to maintain. Filters can be cleaned up to 100 times. Pour untreated water in the top and get clean, filtered water from the tap. No power required.

    CeraMetix® GF - Ceramic outer shell with AquaMetix® core technology for the removal of chloramines, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, lead, aluminum, radionuclides and more.

    10 gallons/day/filter x 4 Imperial filters = 40 gallons/day

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    Very pleased!

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    My husband and I have been very pleased with this water purifier. Our tap water is really awful and we were amazed when we first tasted the purified water. What a huge difference! The heavy metal and chlorine flavors were completely gone. We had been wasting so much money buying filtered water in plastic jugs, and this water purifier has paid for itself already. I have recommended it to several of my girlfriends already. Madeline was a dream to work with and helped us get the right filter combination for our family.